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Achille Lauro at Sea

Built between 1939 and 1947 as the Willem Ruys, a passenger liner for Rotterdamsche Lloyd. Began service as the Achille Laurofor StarLauro Cruises since 1965. She is most remembered for her 1985 hijacking. In 1994, the ship caught fire and sank in the Indian Ocean off Somalia.

Former Names: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Former Name 1″]     [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Former Name 2″]      [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Former Name 3″]     [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Former Name 4″]      [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Former Name 5″]

General Cabins
Rating : [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Rating”] Total Cabins: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Cabins Total”]
Line: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Line”] Interior: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Cabins (interior)”]
Tonnage: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Tonnage”] Outside: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Cabins (outside View)”]
Passengers: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Passenger”] Balcony: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Balcony Cabins”]
Registry: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Registry”] Wheelchair: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Wheelchair Cabins”]
Crew: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Total Crew”] Smallest: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Smallest”]
Length: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Length”] Biggest: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Biggest”]
Beam: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Beam”] 110 volts: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”110 Volts”]
Draft: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Draft”] 220 volts: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”220 Volts”]
Builder: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Builder”]
On Board Currency: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”On Board Currency”]
Sport & Fitness Other Facilities
Outdoor Pools: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Outdoor pools”] Cinema: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Dedicate Cinema”]
Indoor Pools: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Indoor Pools”] Casino: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Casino”]
Coverable Pools: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Coverable Pools”] Laundrette: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Self-service Laundrette”]
Whirlpools: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Whirlpools”] Library: [cf-shortcode plugin=”generic” field=”Library”]

Facts & Figures - Achille Lauro: the facts and figures

Former names: Willem Ruys,
General Ship Information
Rating : Line: StarLauro Cruises
Tonnage: 23629 Number of Passengers:
Country of Registry:  Number of Crew:
Length (ft): Beam (ft):
Builder: Draft (ft):
On Board Currency:
Cabins Details
Total Cabins: Number of Interior Cabins:
Number of Outside Cabins: Number of Balcony Cabins:
Number of Wheelchair Cabins: Smallest Cabin (Sq ft):
Biggest Cabin (Sq ft): 110 volts:
220 volts:
Ship Sport & Fitness Facilities
Outdoor Pools: Number of Indoor Pools:
Number of Coverable Pools: Number of Whirlpools:
Other Ship Facilities
Cinema: Casino:
Laundrette: Library:


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